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Charlie and Jake's has made it our mission to provide our customers with the most mouth watering delicious BBQ that we possibly can. Our rich 20+ years history and tradition has been built on sending our customers away happy and full.
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Tips for Grilling

Having a BBQ is part of the American culture. There are a number of famous BBQ restaurants in the US. Whether it is pork, chicken or beef, BBQ is a time of celebration and joy for all family and friends. Here are a few tips for grilling that would make you famous as a professional […]

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The City of Melbourne Florida

Melbourne, Florida is one of the most beautiful and diverse cities of the southern state. It is situated in the Brevard County of Florida. It offers lifestyle, nightlife, cool neighborhoods, French Victorian homes, variety of food, attractions and activities for people of all ages. The city also offers some of the greatest BBQ food you […]

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What Good is a BBQ Event without Fizzy Fruity Cocktails

So you are planning a cookout with friends and family in Melbourne, Florida. What have you planned to offer to your guests to help them gulp down the meat? Whether the event is planned for the evening or under the shining sun, to make sure you and your guests have an experience of a lifetime, […]

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